I may not have time to post these today, but they will be ready for next week…more swatch sets coming up! 🙂

The swatches are going to be an ongoing project I have a feeling.  This set marks the end of the first shelf of plaids and tweeds.  I have another entire shelf and a Rubbermaid bin full of plaid and tweeds.  It is going to be a challenge to get through them all.  But I will try to post some every week for a while.  At the very least I will have all of them neatly torn and pressed for storage on my shelf yet again!

Today I am busy preparing for a trip to yet another funeral.  Plus I am taking an online course through Creative Live on SEO for Etsy.  Basically that’s how to help search engines find my online product. I’m hoping I learn something new I can use.  I’m sure I will.  I don’t know much about SEO.

What’s up in everyone else’s world?

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