blog-Rnd-3Busy on Round 3 of the swatches this morning.  Even better yet.  Only found one blend in the whole pile.  🙂

I did not accomplish much yesterday at all I’m afraid.  I slept a lot.  Hubby was off work so we ran errands.

Today is swatch day.  I want to finish the plaids and tweeds on the open shelving.  Then I’ll attack the Rubbermaid bin another day.

I am also hoping to hem Prairie Sunset today.  And I have Okra poised on my frame.  It will be for the Weyburn Join the Thread exhibit coming up this summer.

I am reading the article on portfolios in the CARFAC newsletter today and taking notes.

Plus there is the business plan.  I’m a bit stymied with it.  I seem to need more information than I have, and the only way to acquire it is to ask other artists I think.  Though I will be delving into a recent study done on Saskatchewan artists by SPAR and SSHRC.

Next big event for me is to send my wall hangings to Saskatoon to be juried for Dimensions 2015.  Hopefully one of them will be accepted for the exhibit, but we shall see.

Hope everyone has a great day! 🙂


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