For g.a.s. and others…

FQ-4These aren’t fat quarters.  They are skirts and vests in various states of being taken apart.  The purple/pink/blue on the right is a short kilt.  Read: lots of fabric, but not very wide, unless you want to take the time to rip out the multiple seams from the waist that form the pleats, which I don’t.  I’ll leave it intact for someone else to do the work.

The red/green/yellow fabric on the left is a skirt and vest set that’s been torn apart.  It’s ready to use.

Both of these fabrics have been pre-washed.

The only other psw fabrics I have fat quarters of, or could have, are:

psw 026 - 7 swatches

psw 026 – 7 swatches

psw 036 - 7 swatches & 1.25m 60" wide

psw 036 – 7 swatches & 1.25m 60″ wide

None of the other fabrics were in big enough pieces to start with to make fat quarters…or even fat eighths in most cases.  I have used pieces in various projects and whittled them down.

And the current state of what I think will be the last batch of swatches?


I want to get them all photographed and uploaded today to my Swatches for Sale page.

Onto other news… 🙂

I finished hemming Prairie Sunset last night…finally!  Onto preparing the hanging system.

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