WIP-Okra-2A busy day ahead.  Above is Okra so far.  It’s going to be an interesting looking okra!  It’s 12″ x 12″ and destined for the Join the Thread exhibit in Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada this summer.

Aside from working on Okra today, I’ll be having fun with Hubby who is off work celebrating his birthday.  We have company swinging by this evening for supper, and possibly later.  I still have gym today with the ladies, and lunch out.  Hubby is just going to enjoy the day doing whatever he wants! 🙂

If I have time today I would like to finish the hanging system for Prairie Sunset.  Need to attach one side of the hook and loop tape to the wall hanging, and the other to the door stop strip, and drill a couple holes in the door stop strip for the screws to hang the whole thing.  Then I could call Prairie Sunset completely done.

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