Here is Okra as of this morning.  It’s easily going to be ready in time for Weyburn.  The Join the Threads exhibit in Weyburn allows two entries.  So I am contemplating my second entry and what it might be.

Spent most of this week on the plaid and tweed swatches and getting them up on the website for sale.  Also separated out the fat quarters and other larger pieces of fabric.

I did work some on the hanging system for Prairie Sunset, but it is not finished yet.  Too much fun with company for Hubby’s birthday yesterday. 🙂

I filled out the Certificates of Origin for the wall hangings going to Sauder Village this summer.  Trying to figure out who I send them to at the moment, and debating whether I want to hook another rug to go with them.  Probably not.

I am wanting to hook more poppy wall hangings for Traditions November window display, and for general inventory back up.  I’m wanting to hook slightly larger ones.  We’ll see.  At this point I’m only hooking what I would keep in my own home.  I don’t have a lot of space to store inventory here.

Which brings up another issue Hubby and I discussed recently.  It is not unusual for me to host patrons and students in my home.  And in the future, it might not be that unusual to host a gallery owner or two.  That being said, we do not hang my wall hangings on the walls.  Instead we have everyone else’s art on the walls!  Hmm…Hubby and I are thinking of ways to re-arrange the house and the walls…preferably this summer.

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