wall-hangingsI did manage to finish all I had planned yesterday.  Prairie Sunset is now ready to show.  Made a trip to Staples for mailing tubes for it and Prairie Sky to mail them to Saskatoon for jurying in Dimensions 2015.   Staples did not have mailing tubes big enough for my rugs.  I will have to mail order mailing tubes!

Okra is hemmed.  Today I want to make a hanging sleeve for it and attach it.  I also want to re-work the mouth on Goldfish.

WIP-goldfish-Other than that, my day is wide open to create, learn, hook, do whatever I want!  I fancy all three of the before mentioned activities. I’ve had a query about a 12″ square prairie sky wall hanging.  I haven’t one in stock, but I am open to hooking for this lady.

It would be my first rug hooking commission if it comes through.  But we shall see.  I’ve done art commissions before and you have to be careful.  It is necessary to take a certain amount of money up front, work the piece, and then get the final payment before you hand over the finished piece.  If they are nervous Nellies about paying, then I invite them into my studio at various stages and show them the work.

Still, it’s easy to get burned on commissions, especially big ones, which is why I’ve purposely avoided them for now.

I ordered a batch of Star Rug blank greeting cards from VistaPrint.  They arrived yesterday.  Not quite as large as the MOO cards, and not quite the quality, but still better than some I’ve seen.  And they sure beat MOO for the price!


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