I managed to adjust the mouth on Goldfish yesterday.  But I cannot say it is much of an improvement.  I’m thinking on it.

One of the mailing tubes arrived yesterday.  Staples messed up the order.  They forgot to send the second one.  The tube is too small for my wall hanging.  I will have to find something else.  I am trying hard not to have to purchase 25 or 50 of anything.  But it seems to be the only way to buy the 4″ diameter tubes here.  Am I missing something?  Anyone else purchase larger diameter mailing tubes in Canada?  Where?

Stretched the blank backing for a 12″ square prairie sky rug on my frame.  I’m hoping inspiration strikes before I get to the sky.  I have not decided which sky I’m going to do yet.

Made a list of all the things I want to work on in my business for the next while.  It will require phoning various contacts and asking for information and some help.

Found out just yesterday afternoon there is an Etsy 101 workshop being offered at one of our local libraries this weekend.  Unfortunately the first part will overlap a lunch engagement I have.  I contacted the people running the presentation and they suggested I would not miss anything I needed if I came about halfway through, as I already have an Etsy shop.  The second half would be more meaningful to me – becoming successful at selling on Etsy.  I’m still looking for tips on SEO and other ways to promote my Etsy shop.

Working on my schedule for this spring.  I’m juggling 5 or 6 different planners, trying to find out what works best for me.  I’m finding technology is not good for me.  I need to see a month at a time in detail.  A good old fashioned wall calendar is my best friend these days.  I still enter everything into my small Moleskin planner, as that’s what I carry with me everywhere.  But the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Pro just do not give me the visual detail I need to make decisions on a moments notice.  It takes too long to pull up the information when I’m on the spot planning with people.

I was trying the planner in the Midori style notebook I made earlier this week, but I do not like it as well as the calendar and Moleskin planner.  So I will use the Midori style notebook for something else.

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