I decided to play hooky yesterday.  A friend and I went on an Art Walk to about 5 or 6 art galleries in town, just checking out what they had on the walls.  We saw some nice art – Joe Fafard, Martha Cole, Laureen Marchand, Joe Cicansky, Rod Charlesworth, etc.  All great inspiration. 

 I had a chat with a few of the gallery owners and people staffing the galleries.  Turned out one lady had bought one of my pieces.  She seemed to be under the impression I did not hook anything bigger than my 6″ x 6″ wall hangings.  I remedied that impression right away. 

 We had afternoon tea at Henry’s Café after touring the Ripplinger Art Gallery.  Great ambiance and food.  My guest was happy to find another place to take her friends for coffee. 

 While we were out we wandered into the Art Gallery of Regina.  Their annual show is on.  I decided to take out a membership in the gallery and see what was on offer throughout the year.  Their newsletter is chock full of information on the arts scene in Regina.  I am fleshing out my schedule quite a bit! 

 All in all, not a bad day.  I came home and made notes on the different galleries and what each of them had said about fibre arts/artists. 

 Today’s activity is another Etsy workshop.  This time put on by Etsy Saskatchewan.

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