spring-fabricsIt must be spring!  I’m a bit excited and addled.  It occurred to me as I re-read my “Saturday Review” that it was not much of a review!  Informative, yes, a review, no.  So here’s the overall lowdown.

Last week was a good week in a lot of ways.  I was able to network with a lot of different people.  I enjoy that part of being an artist.  I also enjoy creating.  I do not enjoy the business part so much, but I am learning to.  I love the challenge it presents, and I keep trying to think analytically about things to try, how to price and sell my work.  I guess what I have the most difficulty with is actually dealing with the numbers.

  • I was able to fold my greeting cards.  
  • I did hem Okra and finish off Prairie Sunset.  
  • I tried to buy mailing tubes the right size for my Dimensions 2015 entries, but came up empty handed.  Apparently Staples is sold out of the size I need.  
  • I was able to send four small wall hangings “On Approval” to another area of the province.  
  • I hooked some on Goldfish, and 
  • started a 12″ square Prairie Sky wall hanging. 

 This past weekend I spent more time on my business plan.  It is taking on a life of its own!  I split my expenses and income into different categories and recorded them on different colour tags to hang from my business collage.  I added all kinds of information to the collage itself.  It’s growing crowded. 

 I also spent time at an Etsy 101 workshop put on by Etsy Saskatchewan.  In the process I learned a bit about Instagram.  Now to put what I learned into practice, and still make time to hook wall hangings. 

 Sunday I attended the closing of Moved by the Spirit with a friend.  It was held at the Luther College Chapel at the University of Regina.  Some very nice works there.  I especially liked Louise Tessier’s Garden Way of the Cross, Peace Be With You by Roberto Lopez Lopez, and The Ascension by Jenny Ward. On my plate this week is:

  • the 12″ square Prairie Sky wall hanging,
  • the business plan,
  • uploading some swatches to Etsy,
  • finding a CARFAC member to sign my Certificate of Origin forms for Sauder Village,
  • figure out the necessary lamp arrangement for taking photos of my work for my portfolio.

Good news!  The small Prairie Sky wall hangings my friend took on approval all sold!  ? 

Now onto that 12″ x 12″ Prairie Sky.


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