Didn’t do anything yesterday but work on my business plan collage.  The number crunching made me light headed. 🙁

I found an old mailing tube to recycle and mail one of my rugs in.  Now I need to find a 36″ mailing tube for the other.  I am going out to look this week…after it stops snowing.

I uploaded five different plaid swatches on Etsy.  I’m posting the ones with more than ten swatches per plaid.   That makes it easier for people to purchase them and for me to track inventory.  I will gradually list more this week.  I will only list a few plaids to see how they do before listing everything.

Today I want to sew the hanging sleeve for Okra and attach it.  And hook more on the 12″ x 12″ Prairie Sky.  Maybe work more on the business plan.  It’s a lengthy process.


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