Posted some more Prairie Sky wall hangings on Etsy in my shop. 

 I think I’ve finished my business plan.  It’s huge, and hilarious.  I really should stick to the normal left-brain way to do things – more space efficient – but not near as much fun! 🙂

I also attached the hanging sleeve to Okra yesterday. 

 Funny thing happened.  The second mailing tube arrived from Staples…four days after the first, even though I ordered them together.  Neither is a big enough diameter.  So tomorrow I will be out hunting for a 4″ diameter or a square mailing tube. 

 Today’s activities?  

I’m preparing for Join the Thread now. I’m hooking the 12″ x 12″ Prairie Sky wall hanging.  Today is the day I decide what I’m going to do in the sky.  Do I go for realistic or stylized?  I think stylized, as those are the ones that sell best and people seem to like them.  The question then becomes: diamond, paisley, circles, or overlapping circles?  I’m thinking paisley.  I love paisley.  Nice big paisley… 🙂

I will be hemming some small e-pattern rugettes too. 

 Also, check my Etsy shop for more swatches. 🙂


PS-diamonds-3 PS-C-11 PS-C-2 PS---Paisley-11

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