This is the current state of my studio.  Looks like I’m in for a clean up day again!  After some hooking…

Let’s see if I can do a better review this week than last!

My big achievement this week was turning up mailing tubes for my wall hangings for Dimensions 2015.  I found one in my stash from last year, and after considerable phoning, driving, and inquiring, found another one for the second wall hanging.

I also hooked some on my 12″ paisley Prairie Sky.  Still trying to think of a name for it.  Any ideas anyone?

I picked out a new colour for the fish mouth in Goldfish.  I’ll try it next week and see what I think.

I finished my business plan collage from The Right-Brain Business Plan.  Next up is to turn it into a real business plan…like an ink and paper thing.  Hubby thinks it’s a little “weak” and “fuzzy”.  Hmm…I listen to him in things like this.  He’s done something similar for a public organization where he works.

I went to an Etsy 101 workshop and spent a lot of time uploading new listings on Etsy this week.

And I updated my For Sale page on this blog.  I still have more to go, but it can wait till next week.

I finished off four of the e-patterns-of-the-month sample wall hangings.

I found out how to take good photos of my wall hangings…and tried it out.  Looks good so far.

I took a friend to an art show closing and talk. We had a good time and enjoyed the art.

I did the finishing on Okra.

Next week…well…I want to work more on the paisley Prairie Sky and hopefully finish it.  I’d also like to post more of my small wall hangings and swatches on Etsy.  Other than that, it’s going to be a busy week because it’s Easter and we’ll have company again.  So maybe I won’t plan to do as much as I normally do.

Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂

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