A whole day stretches before me.  Gotta love it!  For the record, it is going up to 18 C here today and I am not spending it all indoors!  I’m thinking it might be a good time to take some outdoor photos of wall hangings, and to go for a walk around the neighborhood with my camera.

Oh, don’t get me wrong.  I’ll be rug hooking too…on the paisley Prairie Sky, which I’m thinking I just might name Paisley Prairie Sky.  I badly need a lecture or mini-workshop on naming my work.

I made a To Do list for April yesterday.  It’s quite extensive.  After making it I realized some of the things on this week’s To Do list don’t really need to be done this week.  So I’m putting the CARFAC Certificate of Canadian Origin on the back burner for now.  The wall hangings don’t head south to the USA until August.

Instead I’ve added a whack of activities relating to sales in my Etsy shop and on my blog.  I want to finish sorting through the textures and plaids and cutting them to size…fat quarters and any leftovers big enough for swatches.

I also have some one pound bags of wool scraps leftover from the swatch making that I will be selling for $10 and listing here on the blog and Facebook.  These are scraps that were smaller than 4″ x 12″, yet big enough to get strips out of when run through a cutter.  There are some good pieces in these bags.  So if you’re doing a scrappy project, keep an eye open for them.  Some of them look great as is, and some would look great as overdyed fibre.

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