hall-bookcases living-room-wallI have been plenty busy.  Hubby was off work yesterday so we rearranged the living room and hallway.  The idea was to move some large bookcases back into the wider than normal hallway so we have room to hang some of my hooked wall hangings in the living room above the couch.

This, of course, resulted in a general discussion about what rugs to hang where.  Hubby had some ideas I had not even considered.  He even suggested hanging Lost Soul, which surprised me.  He didn’t seem to be fond of the idea of me exhibiting it earlier. Hmm…

So which of my hooked wall hangings do you think would go best in this space?  It doesn’t get much sunlight, so something bright might be good.

We culled the books while moving things and have taken some to a Little Free Library near us, and plan to take more later…when the others disappear from the Little Free Library.

Finally finished ironing the last of the swatches.  I will photograph them this afternoon and hopefully post them for sale by the end of the week.

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