I was singularly lazy yesterday.  I went to the gym, had lunch, walked to the store to buy a friend a birthday present, came home and napped for an hour or so (!!!), made some food to take to said friend’s for a birthday supper, and generally chilled out before going to the party.

I did manage to arrange a short trip to Alberta the second half of June.  I am going to a memorial for my rug hooking teacher.  Then visiting a couple galleries in Calgary and Edmonton to pitch my hooked wall hangings.  Will see what they suggest or say.

With any luck I’ll be able to visit some other rug hookers along the way. I’m heading out Rachelle LeBlanc’s way.  If she’s home, and I can negotiate getting there via our one car and Hubby, then I’m hoping I can see her and her studio.  I will also not be far from Legacy Studios, so I may stop in to see Laura for more supplies.  I need a couple more beginner hoops.

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