Have you ever let yourself be distracted by something?  I did not accomplish much in the rug hooking end of things this past week.  I hooked a few loops on a 6″ wall hanging and that was it.

living-room-wallI did, however, have company till Tuesday.  And Hubby and I re-arranged the living room and hallway Tuesday afternoon.  See that big blank wall in the photo?  That’s my blank canvas for hanging some of my hooked wall hangings.

Wednesday I had gym, and spent the afternoon planning a trip to a nearby province in June.  That was when I thought I’d better pull out the stamp collection and dust it off before selling it.  That proved a mistake from the point of view of getting any rug hooking done!  I also prepared for a friend’s birthday party and went to the party in the evening.

Thursday I sent hubby to pick up some stamp stock pages for me so I could at least organize the stamps before selling them.  What I thought would be a one hour job has taken six so far.   There are a lot of them!

Friday was gym day, lunch out with friends, and a surprise.  I forgot I was going to be tutoring in the afternoon.  My student showed up with her daughter in tow…no school last week.  I decided to make it a light lesson.  We went to a nearby church rummage sale, as she had never heard of them.  Came back and let her daughter play an ESL app on my iPad called Opposites while I listened to her read and corrected pronunciation.  Had a nap and worked on those stamps until Hubby came home.

We decided to go out to a buffet for supper.  One of our meals was free.  Went for a walk afterwards and spent the rest of the evening napping.  I must have been tired, because I woke up from the nap around 10 PM, worked on the stamps and hour or two, and then slept a full eight hours!!!  Feeling much better today.

Hopefully next week I will accomplish more on the rug hooking end of things.

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