Hi everyone!  How was your weekend?  I had a fun break.  Hubby has been wanting to “get into” astronomy for some time.  So Saturday we bought him a pair of Skywatcher binoculars at Canadian Tire, on at almost half price for $80.  He tried to use them Saturday evening, but it was too cloudy.  Last evening we went out and not only saw Jupiter, but also some of its moons!  Pretty cool!

One thing about Hubby having these binoculars…he’s now absconded with my camera tripod to stabilize them for night viewing.  I suspect the camera tripod is a bit weak for the job, as everything wobbles quite easily.  Plus it’s not a tall enough tripod for Hubby.  I’m suspecting there will be a new tripod in our future…

I also spent time with friends on the weekend.  That felt good.

My plans for the week?

I’ve got to do some hooking!  Not sure about today, but I’ll try.  One meeting I had this week was cancelled, so that frees up some time mid-day Tuesday.  Means I have a clear day tomorrow to hook wall hangings.

I’m looking forward to accomplishing a lot this week. 🙂

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