WIP-Spring-ASorry for the lack of photos in previous posts.  I am having challenges negotiating the new setup with PhotoShop Elements.  It takes twice as long to process and upload a photo these days, and when I am busy I just do not have the time.

Today I’m working on another small spring wall hanging.  It is not coming along as I would like.  I am having difficulties with the sky.  I will try to resolve them this morning and get a move on!

So much to do, so little time…

I am hoping to take a break tonight and head to the church to tutor some ESL with other members of the church.  We have a number of teachers sick and on holidays.

It’s a beautiful day here…sunny skies, no wind.  But alas, it’s only 2 C.  Too cold to go outside and hook!  Will stick to the indoors except for a walk today…unless it warms up significantly in the next couple of hours.

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