Today I hope to finish the last Spring wall hanging.  The next side of my backing is, wait for this, the first of the Autumn wall hangings!  I’ve been promising these to people for a couple of years.  Now is the time to follow through.  If you’ve bought the others in the series – Spring, Summer, and Winter – be sure to visit my booth at the CVAF Street Fair for the Autumn wall hangings to match.  Then you’ll have a set of four to hang on your wall or give as a gift. 🙂

Finally sorted out my taxes this afternoon.  Nothing is easy for me when it comes to numbers.  But when even the accountant and my financial advisor are confused, I get worried.  So glad everything is sorted out now. 🙂

Debating what larger piece to hook for the Affinity Gallery.  It will have to be a Prairie Sky piece because that’s what the SCC knows me for and likes about my work.  It’s a question of dimensions, and what I want to explore in the prairie landscape and sky.

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