Finished the last rugette on one side of backing.  Not sure I’m happy with the lower centre sky on this one.  It may be changed by tomorrow evening!  Next up is Autumn! 🙂

This evening a friend came over and we went to the opening night at the Assiniboia Gallery to see Laureen Marchand’s work, and to the Nouveau Gallery opening to see what was on display there, and an art show at the Conexus Arts Centre.  They were beautiful and inspiring works.  Ran into some people I know.  Had a brief visit with people.  Some changes in the air.  We’ll see. 🙂

If you’ve been following my shop on Etsy you’ll recognize some items have sold.  So it’s time to list some more.  Check for the poetry series to be listed soon.  They are already on the blog, and they will be coming to Etsy soon.

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