Not much hooking to show for it.  A friend was over though, to help me sort my worms – leftover pieces of wool and silk fibre from hooking.  That was a godsend because it is such a tedious job.  I detest it!  But as you can see, I have enough cut fibre to last me a while!

This week’s agenda:

I am going to fix that Spring wall hanging and move onto the Autumn ones.

I need to think about what I might hook for the CVAF Street Fair demonstration.

And I need to think about what I might hook for the 40th Anniversary show of the Saskatchewan Craft Council.

I have to drop my rugs off for a trip to Saskatoon for jurying for Dimensions 2015.  Here’s hoping at least one of them gets in!

I am also off this morning to mail some items ordered last week.  I hope everyone enjoys their new wall hangings. 🙂

Also Friday and Saturday will be spent in Saskatoon listening to a critique of the Dimensions 2015 entries and visiting with another fibre artist friend.

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