Prairie Sky -12

Prairie Sky -12″ x 36″ – $500CAD

Well the weekend went great folks.  Found out the only thing the jury disliked was my pieces were “too small”.  At 1′ x 3′ and 1′ x 2′ they are the largest prairie skies I’ve done!  No problem though.  Prairie Sky and Prairie Sunset are back home.  Prairie Sunset will undergo some revision before being put up for sale, but Prairie Sky will be left as is.

Today is gym day and time to help a friend.  If I have time I will hook more on the autumn wall hangings.  I am really enjoying them.

This week in my studio?…

  1. Mail my signed Certificate of Origin forms to the CARFAC head offices.
  2. Hook the rest of the backing I have on my frame…that’s three more small wall hangings.
  3. Connect with the curator for Join the Thread, to see when and how she wants my pieces shipped, and what information needs to be included.
  4. Phone and order a new OTT light bulb.
  5. Finish hemming Goldfish (found this in my pile of wall hangings yesterday!  It needs to be finished.).

That’s it for the week. 🙂

Prairie Sunset - 12

Prairie Sunset – 12″ x 24″ – $350CAD

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