This week was a short week due to Hubby having Monday and Tuesday off, but I managed a few things nonetheless.

  • Hooked almost all my backing.  Have one Crabapple Spring to finish, which I will do today,
  • Sent off my Certificate of Canadian Origin forms to CARFAC,
  • Sent an email to the U.S. Border Agency inquiring about the necessary forms to get my artwork into the U.S. For exhibit,
  • Sent an inquiry to a gallery in Calgary re: representing me and my work,
  • Created labels for Okra and Paisley Prairie Sky.  Just need to print and attach them.
  • Listed Prairie Sky on Etsy.

In the light of last weekend’s experience with the jury for Dimensions 2015 I have decided to write a series of informative blog posts on rug hooking next week.  As artists it is our responsibility to keep our audience and patrons informed of our art and what is involved.  Keep an eye on my blog!

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