Today is busy.  I have gym this morning, and my requisite nap afterwards.  Ugh.

Then it’s time to corral everything for tomorrow into the sunroom studio.  I have some photos of poppies for designing rugs.  Don’t think I’ll have time for it at the Street Fair, but we shall see.  It will give me a head start on designing for next week.

Then in the late afternoon I have a social media workshop to go to, followed by a potluck, which I may not attend.  Depends on my energy levels and whether I can take some food I can eat.  It will make for a long day Friday before a long day Saturday.

There will be no Saturday review this week.  No time tomorrow.  Most of this week has been focused on the Street Fair, and hopefully, I’ve done a good job of that.  We’ll find out Saturday.  I did manage to finish editing the photos of the wall hangings for future greeting cards or other print/internet uses.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and look forward to seeing some of you at the street fair tomorrow.  🙂

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