It’s been a busy day.  I found out the other day that someone through Hubby’s work has invited us to a Hindu wedding this weekend.  Knowing nothing about Hindu weddings I did some Google research last evening.  I discovered the traditional wedding is a three day affair and there is a bit of a dress code we Western ladies ought to be aware of.

Dresses with hems below the knees for women are the norm.  I do not own a dress.  I panicked and went dress shopping this morning.  Nothing black or white, as those are mourning and funeral colours in Hindu culture.  Do you know how hard that is to find in the stores right now?!  In the end I found a very pink and purple dress with a bit of navy, white and gray in it.

Then I had to confront the issue of exposed shoulders…which is not a good thing as far as elderly Hindu people are concerned apparently.  I went on a quick run looking for a shawl.  Finally found something at Mark’s of all places.  Kind of like an infinity shawl…a big circle of fabric that can be used like a shrug.  Bright pink.   Thankfully bright colours are okay, as long as they are not red.  The bride often wears red.  Not good to compete with the bride.

I should mention, I hate dress shopping.  It is so hard to find something that fits, looks good, and is affordable for the two or three times a year I’ll wear it.  My boarder knows this and came shopping with me.  It is a good thing she has a calm, level head on her shoulders.  It also helps that she has impeccable fashion sense.

Aside from that, an elderly friend came home from hospital recently and was in need of some cheering up and visiting.  So I packed up a few pieces of my made-from-a-mix gluten free chocolate cake and walked over to her place “for just an hour”.  An hour turned into two, then three.  She was lonely.  I did a few things for her and we talked things over.  Then I walked home.

Now it’s time to prepare supper before company comes this evening.

The only rug hooking thing I’ve done today is try to pull together the paperwork for the US Border Protection Services for my rug hooked wall hangings going to the US for Sauder Village.  I’m a bit confused about what they want, and they haven’t answered an email I sent a couple weeks ago.  Not sure what to do.  But as a friend is carrying them across the border, and it’s just for an exhibit, there might not be an issue.

I also decided what pieces to hook for TIGHR Tri-ennial.  I need to enlarge my photographs beyond 8 1/2″ x 11″.  To have a poster made of them starts at $15.  I want to just have them on over-sized sheets of paper, or even several sheets of paper I can overlap.  I am trying to figure out my printer settings to see if and how I can do that.

So I did get some rug hooking related things done, but I haven’t pulled a loop.  Some days are like that.

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