I have no idea what I’m doing today. But I know I have gym this morning.  I am without car as ours is in the shop for regular maintenance.

I think I will try to phone the U.S. CBP about their “recommendation” my wall hangings for Sauder Village have an HTSUS number before entering the country.  Can’t find a phone number anywhere on their website, and they have yet to answer an email I sent mid-May.  And I cannot find a definition of HTSUS or how to acquire such a number anywhere on their site either.  Very confusing.

I am also wanting to put together some star kits today in preparation for future classes.

And I am wanting to figure out a way to print some photos larger than 8.5 x 11″. If I can do so, then I would like to transfer a couple of designs on backing today as well.  Then it will be time to pick colours and dye fibre, if necessary.

Looking forward to a busy and productive day!  Hope yours is too!  What is everyone up to these days?

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