HW-3Had a great time at the Hindu wedding today.  Thought I’d post a blog of some of the sights.  We asked about taking photos and were assured it was okay.  First big surprise of the day.

I was salivating over some of the saris!  Oh MY!  It is difficult to think of them as cut up for wall hangings, but my they’d make nice ones.  Imagine the poppies you could hook with these! 😉

HW-2 HW-1

I found out Google is not always correct.  Most of the women were wearing red or pink.  The bride did not seem to mind one bit!  But some, like the lady above, had lovely blue, yellow, and green saris.  The young lady who explained things to us was in grade eight or so, and claimed she could have worn one, but it was too cold for her!

This is the bridal couple and her niece and his sister.  They are washing feet and occasionally a priest would come smear the red stuff (?!) on their foreheads.  Not sure what it was or the significance.

HW-5The food was extensive and great! Including the chia tea.


This is a wedding tradition with a burning piece of wood.  The concept, according to the lady who invited us, is that the bride’s family does this to let the groom’s family know that if anything happens to the bride from here on, then she is the groom’s family’s responsibility.  Hmm…the purse is not part of it. lol

HW-4And here is yours truly.  I fit right in with that bright pink! 🙂

HW-7It was a truly enjoyable time and we had to leave entirely too early.  Hubby only had his lunch break to go.  He is working today.  So it was short and sweet.

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