There's still work to be done on those leaves!

There’s still work to be done on those leaves!

  • I spent time this past week hooking Rose Hips.
  • Also went for a wonderful outing in a nearby nature area for some plein air hooking.
  • And I made the decision to turn down an exhibit with a three week deadline.  It was a good choice for me.
  • I also tried to change things up a bit on the blog with different post topics.
  • Spoke to another shop about selling my work, and was given leads as to who to talk to and when.

Today is another busy and fun day.  Hubby is off work. We have errands to run and another Hindu wedding to attend. And we are picking friends up from the airport for a brief visit before they head home.   All in all a busy day.

Hope everyone has a great weekend planned.  🙂

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