I think I am finished hooking Rose Hips…except those leaves!  I added a narrow border and turned those leaves green.  I think I will take the dark purple out from under the leaves.  It attracts too much attention.

I really don’t like borders, but sometimes a rug needs one.  I think this one did.  Just not sure how wide to make it.  I am also limited by needing 2″ of backing to turn under and hem.  What do you think?

Today I want to press this and get onto making kits for classes.  If I have time I’ll hem Rose Hips.  I have a major outing over noon hour and beyond.  So time will be limited.

Edited to Add:  the final photo before blocking.  Enough is enough!  Sometimes I just have to cut myself off from a piece.  I can fiddle a long time “getting things just right”.  But sometimes you just have to say “enough”!  And this is it.  It’s cooling on the ironing board upstairs as I write.  Hopefully will have time to hem it today. 🙂


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