rose-hips-1Hi all!  I finished hemming Rose Hips yesterday.  She’s all ready to go now.  Well, there’s tagging to do yet. 🙂  That can wait till we come back from our trip.

Our trip…  This trip is to a memorial service for my rug hooking teacher, Lucille Roxburgh.  She was one patient woman!  Lucille taught me rug hooking with my sister-in-law (her daughter) and my then 10 month old daughter.  My daughter was a fussy baby and no one would babysit her.  So we packed up the baby swing and brought it and her to the class.

It was one of those old baby swings (this was 30 years ago) that went “click, clack, click, clack” the whole time it was in operation.  I think it was the noise that distracted my daughter and calmed her down.  But the swing needed to be wound up every few minutes or it would stop, and then my daughter would start to howl!  Oh my!  At least she had a relatively quiet cry.  But that “click, clack” nearly drove the rest of us around the bend!

Lucille suffered through it all and managed to teach me the rudiments of rug hooking.  She was very generous in her teaching.  She taught design as well as rug hooking, and finishing.  And she talked to me a lot about dyeing, though we never did any that I recall.

She took me right back to the basics of using secondhand clothing for rug hooking.  We didn’t use wool.  I couldn’t afford it.  She taught me to use double knits and cotton t-shirts.  We hooked on what she and I thought was burlap, but must have been primitive linen, for it lasted 22 years on the concrete basement floor and through numerous machine washings before sprouting a hole!!! (DO NOT machine wash your rugs!)

She found a friend who made a lap frame for me that I still have and use occasionally.  It was $30 CAD.  Can you imagine them that cheap?!

As she grew older she had to give up rug hooking and move into a senior’s home.  She had to divest herself of her rug hooking supplies, tools, equipment, and materials.  I fell heir to a wonderful library, incredible dye notes, a wonderful stash of wool, and the most incredible hooks, backings, and patterns.

I decided to share what I couldn’t use and several years ago took some patterns down east to the Annapolis Valley to a rug hooker there.  I passed on one of the punch hooks.  There were two.  And I’ve been enjoying her hand hooks.

I finished hooking a couple of her rugs.  One went to her daughter and another is by my bed.

I used to keep contact with her via email until she no longer had computer access nor was able to communicate.  Her work inspired me to keep trying new styles, techniques, and materials.  She was a great encourager and she is missed.

So this weekend we go to Alberta to celebrate Lucille’s life.  And, while there, will also visit family up and down Highway 2, which I believe is called the Queen Elizabeth Highway now.  We will find our way home sometime towards the end of the week…all things going well.

For today…I doubt I’ll have time for any hooking activities.  I did pull out the fibres for the kits, but have no time to put them together.  I canceled gym this morning to cook for the trip.  The two Koreans are coming back this afternoon and we are going to a local museum.  And this evening I will be packing and attending the Dimensions 2015 opening reception.  Hmm…I might not make that opening reception.  We’ll see…

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