Hi everyone.  Today’s post is from downtown Okotoks, Alberta, Canada.  Well, almost downtown.  We’re house sitting for a friend of family.

The drive over was fun.  We stopped at Chaplin Lake, Saskatchewan to walk through their eco-museum and chat with the park interpreters.  Chaplin Lake is a major flyway for migratory shorebirds in Saskatchewan.  Always interesting to see what’s on the lake.

Then we stopped at Morse, Saskatchewan to see their museum and have tea in their Victorian tea room.  We had a personalized tour from Becky, a new guide at the museum.  Found a couple of rugs in their displays.

The rest of the drive was uneventful, as we were running late and didn’t dare stop until suppertime.  Then we were in Strathmore, Alberta and stopped at The Station Restaurant.  The Station is an old railway station that’s been turned into a restaurant.  Great ambience and great food!

Lucille’s memorial service went well yesterday.  It was a chance to celebrate her life and renew old friendships and chat with family we haven’t seen in ages.

We had a 2 hour drive to the location of the memorial service, which took us right through lovely Bragg Creek, Alberta.  We stopped both going and coming.  I chatted up a gallery owner while there.  He is closing up shop he says.  He does more business online and cannot see the need for a $6000/mth. brick and mortar gallery anymore.   Sad news when gallery owners can’t earn their keep.  He said that people were not buying like they used to.  Maybe a skittish Albertan province now the NDP are in power?  We’ll see.  I asked him about Calgary folk art galleries that might sell fibre art.  He did not know of any.

We also had a lovely dinner at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant.  It was hurried, unfortunately, but lovely.

Today we are up and on our way to beautiful Edmonton, Alberta.

Sorry for the lack of photos in my post.  I have yet to figure how to get the photos off my iPhone and onto my Mac.   Sad, I know. 🙁

N.B.  Posted this late as I did not have time this morning.  Hope you enjoy reading it anyways. 🙂

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