Had a great time this afternoon gallery hopping in the gallery district of Edmonton on 124th St.! 🙂

Started with the Daffodil Gallery on the west side of the street and walked down to the Douglas Udell Gallery and the Lando Gallery.  I liked the Daffodil Gallery a lot.  Friendly people, a variety of artwork.

We also went up the east side of the street.  There were five or six galleries there.  One is the Bearsclaw Gallery which represents First Nations artists across Canada.  Lovely work.

We also stepped into the West End Gallery.  I really liked the variety in there – stone, metal, ceramic, and paintings.

What was missing?  Fibre.  From all the galleries.  They claim they don’t have a clientele for fibre.  Hmm…they suggested if I was interested in fibre to go to the Alberta  Craft Council Gallery.  Hmm…that’s a pretty packed gallery!

I did find out after I left Calgary that there is a major folk art gallery there.  Ah well…maybe this fall…

I did make contacts, but I also learned that fibre is not popular in Edmonton.  I discovered that the galleries are not doing well right now, and that buyers are skittish with a new NDP government in town.   I am hoping by fall things will have calmed down a bit and I will get a better feel for what’s happening on the Alberta art scene.

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