Class Kits I did finish putting together the class kits yesterday.  Next up is to contact the potential class participants! 🙂

It is very smoky in Regina right now.   There are huge wild fires in Northern Saskatchewan and the smoke has finally found its way here.  We have an air quality index that goes from 1-10.  We are at 13.  We have friends in Northern Saskatchewan whose air quality index went up to 22 last night.  They are thinking of driving south through the smoke to get their toddler out of it.  It is very bad for the lungs.  As an asthmatic I can relate.  I am doubling up on my medication until this is over.  We do not know if our friends will come or not…it totally depends on the smoke.

We also have some friends that are currently in Hawaii at a conference.  We aren’t sure when they come back – tonight or tomorrow.  I’ve been trying to contact them with no luck.  My guess is they are not checking the internet.  Whatever happens and whenever, they all know they are welcome!

Today’s job is to clean house for all this company.  Especially if our friends show up with their toddler.  We have not had a toddler in this house for a very long time.

If I have time, I will colour plan Ripening Saskatoons.

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