I hope you all enjoy your day. 🙂

Yesterday I managed a bit on Ripening Saskatoons, but truth be told, I was distracted quite a bit by family issues.  I ended up on an hour long phone call with one of my relatives.  Everything’s okay…just needed to get the lowdown on what was happening.

Work in Progress - "Ripening Saskatoons"

Work in Progress – “Ripening Saskatoons”

I’m not entirely sure how this is turning out, and if I’ll have enough fibre to finish it without dyeing more, but we shall see.

Today Hubby left me the car and I have errands to do.  Not sure how much hooking I’ll fit in as it’s almost noon already.  Yep, I slept in…big time…

What’s everyone up to this lovely July 4th?  Hope everyone has a great day!

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