What do I do when I am not rug hooking?  Others have asked.  I do a variety of activities when I am not working on my business or rug hooking.  some of them are more distractions, and some are necessary.

For one, I like to read.  I’m a non-fiction girl.  I have a hard time concentrating sometimes, but I love the feel of real books (none of that Kindle stuff for me!) and the texture of the pages as they pass through my fingers.  And the smell of a new book…oh my! 🙂

Current reading?  I just finished The Cure for Everything by Timothy Caulfield.  Next up is Chronic Condition by Jeffrey Simpson.

book-CCI, and those I’ve known, have had some health challenges the last year or so and the problems with the health care system in Canada have become a concern for me.  I am trying to educate myself about the situation.

Part of those health challenges involve gluten.  Actually, I’ve never gone to the medical profession about it, but probably should.  I’ve been quasi avoiding gluten for three or four years now.  I am not strict about it.  I just limit it.  I do have problems with fatigue, bloating, inflammation, and digestive discomfort when I eat it.  But it’s not as bad as some people.  I’m not celiac after all…at least I don’t think so.  And, up until recently, it has been too expensive to stick to a strict GF diet.  But with these cookbooks I am ready to go!  I love to cook. 🙂


“More from the Gluten-Free Gourmet” has a great all purpose GF flour mix recipe in the front that I am using for when I eat starch, which isn’t often.  And “Gluten-Free on a Shoestring” has some wonderful cost effective recipes in it.  Though it is a bit heavy on the sugar.  Both Hubby and the boarder suggested backing down the sugar in the recipes by about a third.  GF on a Shoestring also has a website.

Other reading?  Well when I can’t sleep at night, which seems to be more and more often, I am up in my sewing room cleaning up and looking through my filing cabinet of project ideas, or I’m in the hallway downstairs checking out my knitting books.

book-KnittingI went through these last night marking baby patterns I could knit up fairly quickly.  I want a stash of completed projects for baby gifts.  I attended two baby showers recently and realized I really have very little on hand for such events.

And during daylight hours I work on my rug hooking.  I like to hook in my sunroom because it receives the best natural light.  I find I often deal with colours that are so close to each other and with such fine nuances, that I need natural daylight to get them in the right place in my work.

Yesterday I had to go to the gym, and then needed a nap, and then…I hooked on Ripening Saskatoons.

WIP-RS-4It was a long nap.  I am not happy with this.  I am hoping when the background is put in it will make the berries pop more.  We shall see.  I am already running out of warm greens.  And I’m going through a lot of light green sari silk yarn.  It seems so odd to have a room full of fibre but not enough to finish the job!  The story of rug hooking! 🙁

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