Allium from a neighbor's garden. :)

Allium from a neighbor’s garden. 

A mixed bag of a day.  I’m off to a funeral this morning.  Hopefully I’ll be rug hooking this afternoon.  But, my, I’m tired.  The heat is really dragging me down.

Need to do some serious de-cluttering around here too.  The place is starting to look a little “lived in”.

I don’t know about other people, but my biggest challenge with de-cluttering and cleaning up is staying focused to finish the job!  I spent this weekend de-cluttering one tiny end table in the living room by my chair.  I got it just the way I want it.  But in the process I now have a stack of paper on the floor beside the chair to go through.  And I replenished the kitchen drawers with pens and pencils.  Probably better to just toss those or gift them to someone else.  There were an awful lot of them!

What’s everyone up to this lovely Monday?

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