Hi everyone!  Today is a full day of rug hooking.  My plan is to hook more on Ripening Saskatoons, and to work on my portfolio.

The baby sweater will be a project to work on in the evening.  Love knitting that way.  You can do it almost anytime and anywhere. 🙂

How is everyone doing today?

I checked out Laura Salamy’s blog and discovered she also rips out her mistakes to re-hook.  There seems to be a couple of approaches to mistakes in rug hooking.  One is to just hook and learn from the experience as you go.  The other is to rip and re-hook areas you don’t like.  I tend to do more of the latter.  But I will admit, you can go too far and never accomplish anything.

I have re-hooked areas of Prairie Sunset several times.  Even after it came back from jurying!  The sun was too large, so I took it down a notch.  Here’s the before and after…

Prairie Sunset - 12" x 24" - $350CAD

Prairie Sunset – 12″ x 24″ – before




You can barely see the difference, but it makes a difference to my eye.  There’s one less line of hooking between the sun and the sky.

And then there was Moose & Mountains.  I must have re-hooked those antlers 3 or 4 times!  In the end, I just had to call it quits and be satisfied with what was there.  The sky was no easy thing to do either!

Moose & Mountain 2

Moose & Mountains – before

Moose and Mountains - Deanne Fitzpatrick pattern -18 x 31" - $450CAD

Moose and Mountains – Deanne Fitzpatrick pattern -18 x 31″ – Final version

The point is, I am rarely happy with what I hook.  It is all a work in progress, and process is more important than outcome in my mind.  But I also am reluctant to let anything I am unhappy with slip through my hands.  I suspect this is one reason my production is as low as it is.

So hang in there Laura Salamy!  And any other hooking artists who re-hook their work. 🙂 Learn from the process, do the best you can, and keep on hooking!

Hope everyone has a great day today! 🙂

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