Work in Progress - "Ripening Saskatoons"

Work in Progress – “Ripening Saskatoons”

Managed to finish all but one berry the other day.  It is going to be a darker colour than the rest, so I am looking for darker greens for it. 🙂

Today’s job is to finish the leaves and stems and, maybe get onto the background.  Need to make sure I have enough fibre for the background first.

I am also still working on the baby sweater.  I am half done the second sleeve.  Last up is the collar, and then it’s finished. 🙂

I spent yesterday afternoon on this and printing out free planner pages from Scattered Squirrel.  Remember I made that Midori style notebook earlier this year?  Well I’ve been using it for a health journal, goals journal, and, occasionally, planner.  I wasn’t happy with the planner pages I designed, so I went looking on the Internet and found Scattered Squirrel.  Lots of options to choose from in my format size.  I am trying to get my organization down from three or four different books to one — the Midori style planner.  The real switch over will happen in January 2016.  Right now I’m trying things out to see what might work best for me.

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