"Ripening Saskatoons"

“Ripening Saskatoons”

Here’s Ripening Saskatoons so far.  I’m working on background now.  I think I’ll have enough fibre to finish it.  I am going to have to do some tweaking of the berries before I call it finished too.


I also finished knitting the baby sweater, but still need to weave in ends, block it, and sew on buttons…once I find some.  Might require a trip to a local store.

Bustin’ butt here!  I decluttered the dining room and the living room.  Next up is to pick up the sunroom studio, but not till this afternoon, after I’m done my hooking for the day.  Then there’s only one area left to declutter – the front entryway where I’m putting stuff in boxes to donate to charity.

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