Class KitsHi everyone!  Just a heads up…   My summer beginner rug hooking classes run Saturday afternoon from 1:30 – 3 PM.  Each class is one day, so choose your preferred date and contact me.   I will need two weeks notice to prepare for the class.

Class dates are:

~ August 8
~ August 15
~ August 22
~ August 29

The cost is $50.  It includes the fibre kit and patterns on backing.  You can use my equipment for the class, but if you want to continue at home you will have to buy a hoop and hook.  These will cost an additional $50.  If you run out of fibre to complete your piece you can, of course, contact me for more.  I take payment for the class by credit card (I use Square), personal cheque, or cash at the class, and would prefer people arrive a bit early for this…maybe five to ten minutes…so as not to cut into class time.

I take 1 – 4 students at a time around my dining room table.  While you are here I have you try different frames, different hooks, and hook different fibres.  I will also show you backing options and provide links to various rug hooking videos online, as well as a class handout to help you when you go home.  I will also provide you with a list of Canadian suppliers.

The pattern I start all beginners with is a star pattern that can be hooked in any combination of green, yellow, or red you like.  It is 6″x6″ square and hooked from silk and wool on primitive linen backing.  You will learn how to hook straight lines and turn corners.  You will also learn how I approach hooking this piece.

Here are a few examples of the completed project.  You can, of course, choose your own colour combinations from the red, green, and yellow.

Star 20 - 6

Star 20 – 6″x6″

Star 19 - 6

Star 19 – 6″x6″

Star 18 - 6

Star 18 – 6″x6″

Star 21 - 6

Star 21 – 6″x6″

Hope to see you later this summer!

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