WIP-RS-11I did not get anything done on Ripening Saskatoons on the weekend.  So today is the day!   It’s already pressed, blocked, and cooling!  Hubby is off work today so we will work around the house today.  I’ll try and hem Ripening Saskatoons in-between times, but am not too worried as I can take it to Crafting tomorrow and do it.  More important is to sew a hanging sleeve to attach to it when finished.

What I did get done was I took a trip to Weyburn, SK yesterday to see the Join the Thread exhibit, the Fibre Art Network exhibit, and Jaynie Himsl’s exhibit at the Credit Union.  All part of Fibre Arts Destination 2015, and very worthy exhibits to see!   Lots of beautiful work!  Very inspirational.

My only regret is I wish we had more time to visit some of the local businesses to see what’s hanging on their walls.   Ah well.  Maybe we’ll get down again sometime before the end of August.


Works by me, myself, and I…Jean Ottosen…for “Join the Thread”.


“The Surveyor’s Nightmare” by Jaynie Himsl. Part of the Weyburn Fibre Arts Festival this summer. This is hanging in the local Credit Union folks!

Works by Carol Ewle and Monika Kinner-Whalen

Works by Carol Ewles and Monika Kinner-Whalen for “Join the Thread”.

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