WIP poppy 10

WIP poppy 10

Hi everyone!  Hope you all had a good week, and that today is shaping up nicely. 🙂

I had a semi-successful week as far as my goals went.

  • I did manage to hook two poppy wall hangings.  I’d hoped to do more, but life got in the way.
  • I did upload a new wall hanging to Etsy every day.
  • I printed and attached a label to Goldfish.
  • I also updated my “For Sale” page here on the blog.
  • I was about to print off photos for my portfolio when I realized I have the wrong type of photo paper.  Will pick some of the right paper up today.

Today Hubby is off work, so I will be too.  It’s time to do errands and some processing of food for the coming winter.  I might even fit in some housework.  We’ll see how my energy holds out.

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