Poppy 11

Poppy 11

I was delighted to send out another wall hanging to someone yesterday. 🙂  I am so happy when people are delighted with my work and wish to purchase it.  Each piece is a product of a lot of time, love, and attention.  Thank-you so much to those who support me and my work. 🙂

I will be out of the studio tomorrow and unable to post to the blog.  I’m on a fun day trip with some friends to Moose Jaw, SK.  I highly recommend Moose Jaw for a day trip if you’re ever in the area.  There is a spa, the tunnels, and a trolley tour.  Lots of shops and eateries.  Cute little town.  I am hoping to take lots of photos for inspiration.

I am also thinking about taking this afternoon off.  I need to learn to mend a knit shirt, and a friend has given me the perfect opportunity.  She has one in need of mending.  I am part of a Crafting group that meets Wednesday afternoons.  Though I rarely go anymore due to the sheer amount of work I have to do at home.  I might take my knitting if I go.  I must admit, one chief draw of going is the hostess has air conditioning in her home!  We do not.  It’s going up over 34 C today.

I also think, despite all this, that I’d like to put more Northern Lights wall hangings on backing, and work some more on my portfolio.  Might be a good idea to hook another poppy too.  Oh!  I’ll never fit that all in in one afternoon!  Better get started! 🙂

Poppy 10 - revised

Poppy 10 – revised

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