WIP Poppy 12

WIP Poppy 12

I did not accomplish as much as I hoped this past week. I am a bit frustrated.  I am also hoping it was only the heat.  I slept an awful lot of the time.  Or was at the gym or running about the countryside with friends, which was nice, but tiring.

There will be a few changes this fall that should make things better.  I will be going to a gym closer to home.  Actually within six blocks.  And I will be able to go in the evenings…I hope.  Leaving more time and energy for working during the day.  I figure if I’m going to sleep after exercising, I may as well exercise in the evening! 🙂

I only managed to hook 1 1/2 poppy wall hangings!  I should be doing one a day…at least!  And I did work on my portfolio a couple of days for a couple of hours each.  I forgot to post the last wall hanging on Etsy.  Will do that next week.

Today we have some very welcome unexpected company…well, we found out last night they were coming.  It will be good to see them again.  We have not seen them in a long time.

Hope everyone has a great day, wherever you are!

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