I thought my readers might like to know what goes into planning a business venture.  Rug hooking in and of itself, is great!  But if one wants to make money at it one has to have a plan and work their plan.

Right now – this summer – I’ve been falling down on working my plan I’m afraid!  But whenever I find that happening I go back to my Ultimate Plan.

I know someone who calls her Ultimate Plan the Plan of World Domination.  LOL  I just call it my Ultimate Plan…subject to change given new information.  If I go back to it regularly I can redirect and refocus my energies.

I use mind mapping to chart my goals and objectives.  For those of you who don’t know what mind mapping is, google it.  It’s great stuff!  A very visual way to get an overview on a large subject area…which running a business is.  The concept was pioneered by Tony Buzan.  See his “The Ultimate Mind Map Book”.  I came across it in the 1990s and have used it ever since for a variety of areas of interest.  I cannot find it on sale online, but Amazon has many mind mapping books out by Tony Buzan that are worth borrowing from a library to read.

Here’s a simple sample mind map for one day’s activity…Dec. 31, 2013.

IMG_0175You can see I did not get everything done!  One wonders why I was working that day anyway, as it was New Year’s Eve day, but I suspect it’s because Hubby was working.  My general rule of thumb is if Hubby works, so do I!

As you can imagine, to plan an entire business takes a bit bigger mind map.  This mind map is a general (very general) overview of what I think I need to do to run a successful business.  Click on the mind map to enlarge it to read it. 🙂

IMG_0176I don’t expect to do everything at once.  And I do not expect instant success in all I try.  I figure my goal is to keep pushing the boundaries to see what will give.  Where can I make inroads in educating people about rug hooking?  Every person educated is a potential new patron.  How can I improve myself in the skill set necessary to run a successful business?  Just how big do I want my business to get?  All these questions and more can be seen at a glance with a mind map and provide direction as the years go by.

This year’s mind map?  As before, click on the map to enlarge it. 🙂

IMG_0177I’ve removed the actual dollar figures and names for privacy reasons.  But you get the gist of how mind mapping works and can be a useful tool.

The app I use is “Simple Mind” for iPad.  There are many apps, free and otherwise, available for mind mapping.  Check out iTunes or google mind mapping apps.

So…now it’s time to go back to my yearly mind map to see where I’m at, regroup, and get working on things!  Hope you enjoyed reading about my planning process.  Feel free to share yours in the comments below.  I’m always open to new ideas in the area of planning!  🙂

Have a great day everyone!

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