Northern Lights 7 – 6″ x 6″

I booked time off from the gym and rearranged my schedule so I had more daylight hours for hooking.  It resulted in five wall hangings being hooked in three days.  Not bad.

  • I finished hooking the initial poppy wall hangings,
  • I have some Northern Lights wall hangings hooked as well,
  • I worked some on my portfolio,
  • I received wonderful quality feedback from a patron.

I am finishing the wall hangings as I write this.  Hopefully I will have them to the shop by the end of August – a month early.  That’s okay.

I have to do my Christmas inventory up by the end of September, as I’ll only have two weeks at home after the conference before the end of October, when the shops will want Christmas inventory.  I must get my work done when I can!

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