pressing-1This week I will be busy finishing the wall hangings I hooked last week.  I will be attaching hanging sleeves as well, and making sure there are enough oak dowels to hang the wall hangings.

I will try to make the gym Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  But we shall see.  I do not have time to nap after the gym.  I seriously need to finish these wall hangings and update my portfolio.  It is so far behind.

And, last but not least, I need to start thinking about something new for the Christmas season.  Not entirely sure what, but something…

Saturday we had the opportunity to attend the Bhutanese Nepali 2nd Annual Cultural Celebration in Regina, SK.  It was a lively day full of dancers, singers, good food, and even a politician or two.  What would a good Canadian event be like during an election without a politician?!  Anyway, it was a lot of fun.  The Bhutanese Nepali women wore beautiful saris and were very gracious hostesses.  They are great inspiration for fibre work.

Today the hot water heater is being replaced.  As well as it being a gym day.  Could be an interesting day!

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