WIP "Prairie Sky - Spiral" wall hanging

WIP “Prairie Sky – Spiral” wall hanging

Finished this lovely yesterday.  And started another. 🙂

Today has already had its share of Murphy.  I woke up this morning and took the wrong pill.  Sigh.  I should be good and relaxed all day!

Then I burned my pancakes.  I softened the blow with maple syrup and blueberries. 🙂

I found out a package that was shipped to me, didn’t arrive.  The post office claimed it tried to deliver yesterday (according to their website) and that they left a claim ticket.  Well there was no claim ticket in my mailbox.  In a panic I ran to check the recycling, figuring it might have got caught in with some flyers I trashed.  So there I am at 9 AM sorting through my recycling bin in the backyard. lol It’s not there.

So I tried to phone the local post office.  They aren’t in the phone book.  The phone number is not online.  I ended up printing off the documentation from the Canada Post website and my email conversation with the company I purchased from.  Walked it all up to the post office (a few blocks away) and presented my case.

Well, the package would not be back at their local post office until after 1 PM today.  No point even looking for it.  Though she did search her computer database to see if it was in their back room.  It wasn’t.  She did, however, give me an actual phone number to reach her at, and her name! 🙂

I came home.  It’s 10 AM and I’m NOT going to let this get the best of me.  It’s a nice cool fall morning out there.  And it’s nice and warm in here.  I’m hooking more wall hangings. 🙂

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