Linen Backing

Linen Backing

The post office found my package yesterday.  I have beautiful primitive linen backing again! 🙂

I also finished another Prairie Sky – Diamonds wall hanging.  Onto an Altocumulus wall hanging next. 🙂

WIP "Prairie Sky - Diamonds"

WIP “Prairie Sky – Diamonds”

Business meanderings…

Spoke with someone about helping with the business aspect of my rug hooking.  I need a number cruncher to crunch some numbers and see if this is really going to work and how.  I’ve only been in business for 2 1/2 years, and one of those years I had surgery and really couldn’t do much for about 6 months.  So it’s a bit early to see how things will work out business wise.  I’m still learning just where and who my audience is, and what products they want.

I’m earning a good sum for a beginner in business who is busy making every mistake in the book!  I am selling online, offline – to friends and family, through shops, at one craft sale a year.  I could do more craft sales, but they are not my big money makers.  My work is a bit high end for the average craft sale.  I’m sticking close to home because we have one vehicle and Hubby uses it for work.

I also am acquiring more expenses than necessary.  Mostly due to inexperience.  I remind myself this has been a big year for me.  I hired a business mentor, engaged in an international exhibit, and am attending an international conference.  All very worthwhile activities, even if they are expensive.  They are not every year repeating events.  Well…maybe an international exhibit.  But we’ll see.  Depends.  My faith in various cross border shipping services is fading fast.

Not only that, but I will have been involved in four other group exhibits this year.  That’s a lot for me.  Though I wouldn’t have traded or dropped one for anything.  All have been good experiences for me.

Still, other fibre artists have warned me that there is a “feast or famine” sort of existence to fibre arts.  And not to expect every year to be the same as the last.  So I think offering up a diversity of products and opportunities to my “audience” is the best way to go.  What doesn’t ‘catch’ one year, might ‘catch’ the next.

Well…that’s my ruminations on business for today.

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