Packed to go 1

Clothes don’t take up as much space as rug hooking does! You can tell where my priorities lie! 🙂

Packed to go 2

Just some food for the road left to pack. 🙂

Packing for sales along the way there and back.

Rug hooking supplies and items to sell on the way to and from TIGHR Tri-ennial.

And that’s not showing my computer bag, book bag, and knitting bag.  Hope the vehicle is big enough for all this!

It was a busy week for me.  Aside from having company I was busy packing for the trip to TIGHR Tri-ennial.  I also finished putting together my order for the SCC Boutique.  And I designed and hooked some Christmas ornaments.

Today we’re on the road folks!  Off into the Wild West, to participate in the Highway 1 Studio Tour!  Hope everyone has a great day! 🙂

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